Extreme Cute Lil’ Tush Masturbator


For backdoor lovers, the Cute Lil’ Tush from Pipedream’s Extreme Collection is an exciting masturbator for anal fantasy fulfillment. The Tush is shaped into a petite, squeezable, slap-able butt raised up for your enjoyment. Inside the tight entry of pussy or ass whichever preferred, you’ll feel tons of intense nubs, which cling realistically as you thrust in and out, hitting every sensitive spot you have.

Since the back end of the Tush is close-ended, you’ll feel lots of natural suction building as you enjoy; and you’ll be able to squeeze the outer portion of the tunnel to bring the texture even closer. Made from lifelike Fanta Flesh, this masturbator feels super-real warming to the touch as you use it, and retaining its smoothness and elasticity. Use a great quality water-based lube with the Tunnel of Love for a slick ride, and to keep the material strong. The stretchy, squeezable sleeve is about 7 inches long.